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 Classic German Sportscar Replicas                                 

TECHNIC 550 Spyder Technical Specifications

 Engine                                    Volkswagen aircooled flat four
                                                 Porsche aircooled flat four 
Porsche six cylinder 911 engine
                                                 Alfa Romeo flat four

 Capacity                                  1.2  litre up to 3.6 litre

 Transmission                          Volkwagen four speed transaxle
  Porsche type 914  five speed transaxle

             Alfa Romeo five speed transaxle

 Chassis                                   Twin three inch tube ladder chassis
                                                  transverse bulkheads and
cross members
                                                 Steel firewall and aluminium floorpan

 Front suspension                   Double unequal length wishbones with                
                                                 adjustable coilspring damper units,

 Rear suspension                     De Dion axle located with four trailing arms
                                                 and a Panhard rod
, adjustable coilspring damper units

 Steering                                   Rack and pinion

 Brakes                                     Front  discs  and rear drums, dual circuit  master cylinder.
                                                 Rear disc conversions available