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Technic Speedster

The Technic Speedster was introduced in 1997 to compliment our 550 Spyder which has been in 
continuous production since 1987. 
It is built on the traditional and well proven shortened Volkswagen  Beetle chassis using our own
GRP bodyshell with its  bonded in steel subframe for additional strength and rigidity. 
During development of the subframe particular attention was given to making sure the  relationship between bodyshell and chassis would give the car the correct "stance" without having to lower the suspension excessively which can cause undesirable geometry changes.

Using our previous experience restoring and owning many original Porsche 356 models
we have sourced many parts and accessories to enable  an accurate replica to be built.
 Alternatively you can start with just the basic bodyshell and create a custom Speedster
 to you own specification, the possibilities are as great as your imagination.

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